Ghost Rescuers

We are a team of Paranormal Investigators based in
Los Angeles, California

About us

Nasa 300x225GHOST RESCUERS is a team of Paranormal Investigators based in the Southern California (Los Angeles) area. We are not your typical ghost hunters…we have an ongoing mission to help people understand that paranormal phenomena such as haunted houses, ghosts or spirits are not necessarily products of the imagination or something to be afraid of.  Ghosts are repeated energies, while Spirits are people that have passed on and are eager to communicate with the living.

Virginia Marco is the team’s Psychic-Medium, capable of detecting Ghosts and communicating with Spirits.  We help both the living and those that have passed on deal in a positive way with paranormal experiences.

Ghost Rescuers

Contact us

We are currently accepting requests for private residence investigations in the Southern California area. Please note that all private residences are respected and names and addresses will not be released. Donations are appreciated to cover travel and cost of investigation. If you are interested please fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

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